Susan Howell, MSCC, LPC


My counseling is focused on individuals and relationships. I have worked with many who have experienced abuse whether that is verbal, emotional, physical, or spiritual. I have witnessed the growth and recovery of many as they work through the grief and loss of loved ones, values, boundary issues, or well-being caused by separation, divorce, illness, death, or trauma. I find it fulfilling to work with clients regarding their academic or career choices and circumstances, and to assist them with realizing and showcasing their abilities and strengths.
I utilize an eclectic variety of resources and therapy models to help individuals process what they have experienced and how it is impacting their life, including the Strategic Trauma and Abuse Recovery method. I am particularly interested in the brain and how trauma affects a person’s body and their daily functioning. During my training, I served in the Relationship Recovery / Divorce Care ministry, and as a college counselor at Cairn University. Upon request, I am willing to incorporate Christian-Biblical principles into the counseling sessions. I understand that when God’s people are well and whole, they are equipped to go out and serve God’s greater community.